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Wax Seal Stamp Makers Mat

Rainbows & Raindrops

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Practice makes perfect.

Create your pre-made wax seals on our silicone makers mat.


  • Once your wax is melted pour directly onto the makers mat and stamp directly on the mat
  • Once the wax is cooled, your wax seal will peel it off with ease

Please note some wax bead colours may stain the mat due to the pigments in the beads.

Makers Mat Dimensions: 10 x 9.8cm

How to make wax seals:

  • Use 2-3 beads per wax seal.
  • Slowly melt beads in the wax spoon over the burner (be careful not to overheat).
  • Once wax is melted, pour onto envelope, paper or your desired surface.
  • Press stamp into warm wax and leave until set (best results obtained if stamp is cold).
  • Clean spoon by carefully wiping with paper towel – be careful as the spoon will be very hot
  • Rinse under warm water


  • Always use caution when using candles and heated wax.
  • Never leave unattended.
  • Wax beads should be kept away from children
  • Wax Furnace copper plate becomes very hot while using. Do not touch.
  • Wax Bead Melting Spoons become very hot while using. Do not touch the heated end while in use.

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